Imagine having a window film over which you had total control. Used by architects and interior designers, view control window film is the latest product from Spectrum Films. It allows you to block out unwanted and unsightly views like condemned buildings or car parks and it can be used to divide up work spaces within a building. In addition, view control window film in Derbyshire has been used extensively to deliver effective advertising and it will draw the eye of potential customers to products for sale.

At Spectrum Films we can offer you expertise and experience. We have been established for over a decade and have an extensive range of window film products. View control window film can change from transparent to luminous depending upon the angle at which it is viewed. And, there are many styles available with colour and images also playing their part in enhancing appearance. The translucent type of view control film gives the ultimate in privacy and the product can be fitted to polycarbonate material, plastic or glass. This excellent new window film also reduces the glare from UV rays which can be harmful to eyes. If the window should break due to impact the glass will be contained within the film thereby making everyone within the room safer. However, you still get full illumination from daylight as this kind of window film does not reduce visibility inside the room.

The Ultimate In View Control

All of the fitters at Spectrum Films are fully trained and your installation will be completed simply wherever the location. Glass decoration can be a very effective way to promote a business and using view control window film is a proven method of advertising as well as being an excellent means of providing privacy.

If you are interested in any kind of window film product or want some advice about view control window film in Derbyshire, contact us on 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for window film for your company. In addition, our customer service advisors will be happy to help you choose the best product for your specific needs. Email or send a message using the form on the website.