Protection from excessive heat and glare in offices with large windows can be achieved using solar control window film. Spectrum Films is a specialist business that has been supplying and fitting window film of all types for over 10 years. The business is family run and operates throughout Derbyshire and the surrounding districts. Dedicated to delivering top quality products and the best standards of customer service, we can help your business to benefit from a solar control window film installation.

When solar control window film is applied to glass it changes the properties of the medium so that excessive heat is dissipated. The normal natural light still comes through the glass but the atmosphere is more comfortable. Many businesses now use solar control window film to make their premises into a more comfortable workspace.

Protection From UV Rays

One of the main benefits from the installation of solar control window film in Derbyshire is the reduction of UV rays. Glare from the sun can cause problems but UV rays can cause actual damage to skin and eyes. The application of solar control window film reduces both glare from the sun and the transmission of UV rays. There is a wide variety of solar control window film types and this product is available in many colours. One of our experts will be able to advise you about the best kind of film that will be compatible with the glass in your windows.

In addition to protection from UV rays, the installation of solar control window film helps to make it easier to focus on computer screens. This is a cost effective and simple solution to excessive glare from the sun and will also enhance the appearance of all windows in a building. If you want to prevent the build up heat on your premises during the summer months, look at our website and see how solar control window film can solve your problem.

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