The introduction of overhead glazing retention systems has resulted in a reduction in injuries when ceiling glass breaks in public places. The installation of this important safety feature is mandatory in buildings such as airports, shopping centres and in any other area where falling glass could endanger lives. The application of overhead glazing retention will help to minimise any risk of falling glass and the window film that is used will keep the pieces of glass all together.

The overhead glazing retention system offered by Spectrum Films can be fitted retrospectively so if your building is old we can still deliver this safety product. The benefits of installing the system are clear. If glass falls it can cause severe harm to anyone underneath and any broken ceiling window will leave your business open and unsecured. This is a proven method of mitigating injuries from glass that may be broken due to blast or any other impact. Using high bonded adhesive that maintains the glass in position, an overhead glazing retention system is resistant to impact from an attempted break in and will also stop glass from falling if there has been an impact due to debris from a storm.

Flexible Overhead Glazing Retention in Derbyshire

The window film that is in the overhead glazing retention systems supplied by Spectrum Films is flexible and has been designed to absorb impact. This provides protection for all members of staff or any customers. Whether you have a small business premises with some skylights or a large domed glass roof in your property, Spectrum Films can provide the safe and secure overhead glazing retention system that will prevent the glass from shattering.

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