Spectrum Films has been established for over 10 years and has built up an enviable reputation as a reliable and professional local business. In addition to supplying and fitting window film of all kinds, we have a range of mechanical anchorage systems that can be used to strengthen the window film installation that holds the window glass together. We recommend that customers who having safety window film fitted also take advantage of the mechanical anchorage systems that are used to attach the window frame to the building.

There are different types of mechanical anchorage systems available in Derbyshire. The system that is simplest to install is the glued mechanical system which is backed by adhesive. The screwed mechanical system is the strongest and is used for permanent structures. The cheapest of the mechanical anchorage systems is the wet glaze which is flexible and easier to remove when window film is replaced.

Which System Should You Choose

At Spectrum Films we can deliver advice and information about every aspect of fitting window film. The extra safety that this product provides is enhanced by the use of a mechanical anchorage system that makes it very effective in reducing damage. The use of window film alone will not always hold broken glass into place and so a mechanical anchorage system is also installed when window film is fitted. If there is an impact with very high velocity then the anchorage system that can be installed with adhesives, screws or rubber gaskets will give increased protection from broken glass.

The addition of window film to large windows will make rooms safer and more secure. It will also enhance the appearance of the building and you can use it as a free advertising medium as well as making your business space more private. There is a choice of different colours and graphics as well as non reflective and reflective film. Window film will reduce fading to the interior of a room that could be caused by UV rays. Fitting window film is a simple and effective way to deliver savings on high energy bills and the installation is fast and professional. Find out how your building could benefit from window film that is secured with mechanical anchorage. The number to ring for information is 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. Email enquiries are welcomed on info@spectrumwindowfilms.co.uk or look on the website at www.windowfilmderbshire.co.uk.