The vast number of window film products available from Spectrum Films has made this local business one of the most reputable in the county. One of the most technologically advanced window film products is the LCD switchable window film. It allows you to press a button and make the glass turn to shade or clear within seconds. There is full control over lighting and this new window film cuts down on energy use. Allowing you full control gives extra comfort and the film repels dust. There will no longer be any necessity to install either manual or electric blinds if you choose to have LCD switchable window film in Derbyshire. You can have full protection from 99% of harmful UV rays and the product is easily adaptable to current window treatments.

As a means of security, frosted and digitally printed window film have been used for many years. Now you can have transparent windows that can be changed in a second to give the ultimate in privacy. You can create a private office within an open workspace by installing LCD switchable window film on dividing screens. And, your new LCD switchable window film will help to reduce the high costs of energy as well as being better for the environment. There is a wide variety of finishes and colours that can be incorporated into this kind of window film. So, use it for privacy, advertising and to enhance the appearance of any space or room.

Invisibility At The Touch Of A Button

The instantly dimmable and switchable window film supplied and fitted by Spectrum Films is just one of the high tec solutions available to all businesses. You can choose clear mode by applying a small electric current to the liquid crystals in the film. When the current is turned off the glass is turned to opaque. Any window can be fitted with LCD switchable window film in Derbyshire. The product is self adhesive and installation is simple, effective and inexepensive. The fitting of window film has added benefits including the reduction air conditioning units that can make energy bills higher and the hypoallergenic qualities of the film mean less dust. Ask for more information about the latest window film products from Spectrum Films. The numbers to call are 01246 280 546 and (mobile) 07737 158 462. Email enquiries can be addressed to