Insulating window film is one of the new products from Spectrum Films that can help to prevent heat loss and save on high energy costs. Providing high levels of control over solar rays and helping to enhance the appearance of windows, insulation window film is long lasting and delivers an array of other benefits. At Spectrum Films we can help you to choose the right kind of window film product for your company or home. The unique properties of insulation window film have made this product very popular with many businesses and other organisations which seek to moderate the temperature of the building during the summer and winter months.

Manufactured to specifically lower the amounts of solar rays, insulation window film provides excellent thermal protection and prevents excessive heat flow through glass windows. You can save up to 35% of heat by having insulation window film installed thereby reducing high energy costs and helping to reduce your carbon footprint. The appearance of the film is neutral so there is no loss of natural light and you can see normally through the window.

Residential And Commercial Window Film

Although the use of window film is often chosen by businesses, it can also be applied to residential properties. It is of special benefit to those who live in older buildings where windows may be single glazed. Insulation window film in Derbyshire can prevent up to 35% of heat loss through glass. This can save you hundreds of pounds on heating costs in a year. Insulation window film can be applied to all kinds of windows and will reduce the glare from sunshine, prevent fading of fabrics and furniture and can help to prevent eyestrain. Other benefits include the safety aspect of window film which will hold together glass that has suffered an impact. This reduces the chance of accidental cuts and abrasions.

At Spectrum Films we are proud of our excellent standards of workmanship and high quality products. Why not take a look at the website and see how insulation window film could benefit your home or business. There are two numbers to ring. The land line is 01246 280 546 and the mobile is 07737 158 462. Or, you can send your enquiry to