What is enerlogic window film? Window film has been used for many years to provide tinting for car windows and to provide privacy for offices and showrooms. The latest enerlogic window film does much more. In homes, the new window film can prevent loss of heat through glass and you will feel the benefits throughout the year. Enerlogic window film from Spectrum Films can transform single pane windows so that they perform like double glazed windows. You can gain as much as 30% off your energy bills if this kind of window film is fitted and as harmful UV rays are also filtered out, it will prevent fading of furniture and stop damage to eyes and skin.

Replacing widows can be an expensive business but you can fit enerlogic window film at a fraction of the cost and still enjoy high savings on you annual heating bill. In addition, your home will be more comfortable and the application of window film is simple with no huge disruption to your daily life. Spectrum Films is the local specialist business that offers the best quality window film products and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on the dedication of our staff who want to help you enjoy the benefits of window film.

Enerlogic Window Film For Commercial Use

Commercial window tints can save money over both the summer and winter months. At Spectrum Films we have an extensive range of products that are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Window film provides a host of benefits including insulation properties, increased safety and it can be used to prevent damage by graffiti. The installation of enerlogic window film in Derbyshire is cost effective and simple to arrange. New commercial windows can cost thousands of pounds for just one item. You can have enerlogic window film installed for very low costs and you will see a return on your investment by the lower heating and air conditioning bills that will follow. One of the other advantages of window film is that there is no need to have curtains or blinds. Window film will provide privacy for staff and customers and the view to the outdoors is still open for everyone to enjoy.

Discover the advantages of enerlogic window film by speaking to a customer service advisor at Spectrum Films. You can ask for a no obligation quotation by ringing either 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. We welcome email enquiries on info@spectrumwindowfilms.co.uk or you can send your message via the website.