Cost effective and versatile, the anti glare window film supplied and installed by Spectrum Films has many other features besides stopping the glare from sunlight. There is a type of reflective silver film which is one way vision and this allows the perfect view from inside the building whilst displaying a mirror effect on the outside. This is just one of the window film products that can enhance the appearance of your business premises and help to save on energy costs. Reflective film disperses 80% of the solar rays away from the room and makes it cooler in summer when the sun is at its strongest. The anti glare window film in Derbyshire that we supply also prevent fading of furniture and curtains and is attached using special adhesive.

Anti glare window film is also scratch resistant, a feature that helps to provide protection from everyday wear and tear. The anti glare product tints the glass and is most effective when used on external windows. For internal windows there are other products that are more appropriate. Protection from the glare of the sun is essential for staff who are continually exposed to high amounts of sunlight. This kind of window film will help to prevent damage to eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. Additionally, excess heat that can soon build up during the summer months can often make working conditions unbearable. Using anti glare window film in Derbyshire reduces the need for costly air conditioning and deliver a better working environment.

Solar Glare Protection

Sunlight entering a room can cause untold problems all the year round. If anti glare window film is fitted it makes it much easier to concentrate on computer screens and to read documents with fine print. Spectrum Films is the specialist company that offers a range of different types of window film which provide the solutions to all window problems. Reducing fading will give your furnishings a longer life span and by using anti glare window film you can save money as well as benefiting from a cooler space in which to work. Less eye strain, a cooler work place and an increase in safety from the possibility of breaking glass are just some of the features that you will get if you choose anti glare window film from Spectrum Films.

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