New Anti Fog Window Film Products

One of the most advanced film products supplied and fitted by Spectrum Films is anti fog window film. Commonly used in supermarkets, hotels, spas and swimming pools, anti fog window film provides a coating that attracts the minute drops of water and diffuses them into a layer that is invisible to the eye. Fog is the result of warm and cold air meeting and the anti fog window film that you can have installed will prevent windows, mirrors and shower glass doors from misting up. Many hotels and restaurants take advantage of the properties of the latest anti fog window film supplied by our company and the application has also proved to be very effective at swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms.

The time taken for fog to clear from glass when there is no window film fitted is often more than two minutes and can be as much as 20 minutes. Your business premises can benefit from an enhanced appearance if you choose to have anti fog window film fitted by Spectrum Films. It is a simple procedure to fit the film and it can be delivered in different shades and styles.

Stop Windows From Steaming Up

When windows steam up it is not only unsightly but can lead to damp patches around the edges of the window frame, sills and adjacent wall. The anti fog window film that we supply and install works effectively on bathroom mirrors, windows and in cars. Don’t spend precious time waiting for mist to clear from your car windscreen. By installing anti fog window film we can get you on the road faster when the winter arrives.

The anti fog window film from Derbyshire will also make your journey safer giving perfectly clear vision whatever the temperature. All window condensation problems can be dealt with by Spectrum Films and the new product will also help to conserve energy and reduce costs. Both interior and exterior windows can have the benefit of anti fog window film. Ring us today and find out more about the many applications of use for the latest window film products. The telephone numbers to call are 01246 280 546 and Mobile 07737 158 462. You can also send your enquiry through the email address or by sending a message through the contact form on the website.