There are many benefits to installing window film in all business premises. These easy to fit coatings offer privacy, prevent glare and help to stop furnishings from fading. At Window Film Derbyshire we provide a complete window film service and have a long list of products that can enhance your business premises. In addition to window film that prevents UV glare and has energy efficient properties, we also supply and fit anti blast window film. This product prevents windows from shattering, is an excellent and easy to fit security measure and will make all your workforce feel safer and more secure. Bomb proof window film will help to prevent damage from vandals and can stop malicious attacks on your business.

Whether your premises are in need of protection for just one window or you want to protect the whole building, we can supply and fit anti blast window film in Derbyshire. We are a local family run business with long experience in the industry and as such we have established an excellent reputation through the county. Fitting anti blast window film will not only provide an extra measure of security but will also help to enhance the appearance of your business.

The Extra Benefits Of Anti Blast Window Film

If your business is located in a rural area you may not feel that anti blast window film is appropriate but there are other benefits to this very cost effective process. Anti blast window film also has anti glare properties that will reduce the amount of eye strain that is encountered by many people. Harmful UV rays are deflected and this prevents damage to eyes and skin and the energy efficient properties of the film help to reduce high energy costs.

When correctly installed, anti blast window film in Derbyshire will enhance the appearance of glass windows and doors. Additionally, you can opt for any kind of logo or advertisement to be incorporated into the design. The anti blast window film supplied and fitted by us is guaranteed and we only use the best quality materials that have been exhaustively tested.

If you want to know more about window film and how it can be of help to your business then contact us on 01246 280 546 or 07737 158 462. Alternatively, email Our customer service advisors are just waiting for your call.